Scents & Nostalgia

March 5, 2021: As someone who makes candles & wax melts, I am constantly testing and mixing scents. In my latest scent test I was using Rose Petals, Coconut Bourbon, Eucalyptus and Lemon Drop. The coconut bourbon was easy enough - melt, pour, set, sniff. I decided to mix the Eucalyptus with the Lemon Drop 1:1 which turned into an amazing, clean, and invigorating scent. Last was the Rose Petals. I used it last because frankly, I've never liked roses or the smell of them. Plus, I'm allergic - so there's that. So I suck it up, melt, pour, set....sniff. And sniff again....and again. The scent was light, floral, and actually quite wonderful. It immediately reminded me of my Baba (Czech/Slovak for Grandmother) and her house when I was little. I was trying to pinpoint it - why it was so darn familiar. I spoke with my Mom. I thought, perhaps, it was the Calgon she used to put in my bathwater. But, Mom told me my Baba & Pappap had roses all around the house and outside the bathroom window. Or, simply, it could have been an air freshener. Regardless of what it was, I decided to name this scent "Veronica's Rose Garden" to honor her and the memory behind the scent.